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The daSilva Heirs

The daSilva Heirs was originally written as a part of Sable Hunter's Hell Yeah! Series, so if you're a fan of hers, you may recognize some of the characters, like Joseph, Cady and Nathan. Since the Kindle Worlds was shuttered, Sable agreed I could borrow her characters for these. 

There are more stories to tell in this world, so if you enjoy these, please share with your friends. More reads means more stories!

Meanwhile, please enjoy your visit to the Double Down Ranch. 

All the King's Horses-2sm.jpg

All the King's Horses

One million-dollar horse.
One family farm.
One Jersey Girl with an attitude.
One recipe for complete disaster.

Well, if anyone had asked RJ Miller, anyway. To make matters worse, he started the whole deal firmly planted on the wrong foot–and Lucy da Silva made sure he knew it.

Visiting the Double Down Ranch outside Austin, Lucy is there with her sister Fatima to purchase a stock of breeding horses for her family back in New Jersey. She knows her horses. She knows her farms. She knows her mind–and she knows she doesn’t like RJ Miller.

Despite the rocky start, RJ finds himself falling for the high-spirited woman. It seems like there’s nothing she can’t do: ride, rope, clean, cook, and dance. Lucy can’t seem to stay away from RJ either, and they find themselves riding more than horses.

If only life were simple: find the girl, fall in love, happily ever after. But with people plotting to get their hands on Double Down’s beautiful thoroughbred, King’s Dominion, Lucy has to admit a truth she hid years ago to save RJ’s sister and her own life…

Princess of the plains-front-1sm.jpg

Princess of the Plains

One Jersey girl, trying to find her own path.
Two Texas brothers, different as night and day.
Three hearts, about to be shattered.

Fatima da Silva—princess and veterinary student—followed her sister to Texas on business. Tate and Caldwell Verhoven weren’t part of the deal. There was no denying she was attracted to both brothers, but Tate, the sweet, nerdy IT guy, won her heart.

Or did he.

Despite trying her very best, she can’t seem to keep the guitar-shredding punk rocker Caldwell out of her mind. Plagued by guilt, she sticks firmly by Tate’s side.

Nothing is ever easy for the Verhoven brothers, though. Tate has demons too, but it’s a spiteful rival family that causes the most damage.

And Fatima will be left with a heart-rending decision.

Empire of Dirt-front-sm.jpg

Empire of Dirt

Two broken hearts, one chance to heal.

Tate Verhoven was broken by an accident that destroyed his legs and his confidence. After a foolish decision, he also lost the woman he loved–to his brother. Feeling betrayed and broken, Tate hides in darkness. Even Cady McCoy is hard pressed to help.

Marcia came to Texas merely to help her sisters, Fatima and Lucy. The Verhovens also need her help after the devastating events of the past weeks. With a heart of stone and a steel wall around it, she’s not there to make friends. Designing an expansive plan to help the Verhoven ranch thrive, Marcy is ready to take on the world.

It takes the death of just one head of cattle on a neighboring farm for the accusations of witchcraft and bad juju to start flying. Cady and Lucy are first for the guillotine.

While Tate’s fighting mental illness, superstition, and the mysterious death of cattle around Austin, he’s desperate to find his place again. Taking on the task of proving Cady and Lucy innocent may be exactly what he needs.

To his surprise, the da Silva girls aren’t done with him– or his heart–yet.

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