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The Pine Valley Series

Welcome to Pine Valley, where everything you is not what you think it is.

A town built to host and hide the magical beings that inhabit our world, not everyone knows the town’s secret. Filled with shifters, witches, sorcerers, seers and all manner of beings, you just never who your neighbor is going to be–or turn into on the full moon.

Darkwater | Skydance | Dragonmate | Fireborn | Spiritwalker



The water called her name.

Maybe it always had, but it was only when Betsy Tillman slipped into Pine Valley that she could hear it. She wanted to find out why. But Wayne, her boyfriend and partner in crime, wanted to stick to the plan: smash and grab and get the hell out. Money from that was a sure thing, why change it up? Robbery and larceny was her whole life, and she was good at it.

The water was too strong.
Betsy was too tired to resist.

What she discovered in Darkwater was nothing like she had ever seen before. What she found also found her, also needed her. It pulled her in and gave her a way out.

She found her escape.
She found a dragon, named Niko.

He was her answer.

All she needed to do was change everything.


The sky is a vast, lonely place.

Maximillian Czerkanowicz knows. As Pine Valley's air dragon, he's flown alone for years. Over a century old, he’s the self-appointed guardian of the University’s prized telescope. Several doctorates and dozens of friends keep Max happy, even if he is alone.

The dreamworld is frightening, lawless place.

Amy Hogan helps to keep the peace. Keeping her abilities, and her association with the Sectorum Esse, quiet, she rushed to Pine Valley to help find her missing friend. She didn't realize she would find a part of herself she couldn't live without.

Amy is everything Max needs, but she isn't ready.

Immortality is frightening and Amy needs time, but something is wrong in Pine Valley. The magical residents are losing their powers, and no one can figure out why. With Amy and the Sectorum Esse's help, the answer is in their grasp, but time may not be on their side...



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