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The Juneau Packs

Five friends.
One Summer.
Everything Changes.

We wanted to celebrate the end of college. The end of all the hard work, the beginning of our new lives. Brandy had the perfect place:


Taming Alaska-front sm.jpg

Taming Alaska


There were problems with the house, the wildlife, the land. The only thing that wasn’t a problem was the neighbor: Garrett Pauler. We hired him to fix the house, and he did way more than that.

There was something in the woods though. Something that didn’t want us there, something that would go to any lengths to get rid of us. But it shared the woods with something– someone determined to keep us safe.


The old Yeil place was a disaster, but I wasn’t above the challenge. The challenge lay in the gorgeous woman who was waiting for me there. Jess Smythe. My mate.

As human as they came, she was everything I dreamed and wanted in my life. I just didn’t expect to show her my wolf before I convince her we were meant to be.

But there was something in the woods that would go to any lengths to get rid of the women, and of me and my pack. And it would force me to make decisions that would change the course of my mate’s life…

Frozen Alaska-front-A sm.jpg

Frozen Alaska

I was only too happy to pay for the renovations to my bestie’s hard earned homestead. I loved spoiling my friends, and I had ways to do it. I also loved the outdoors, and new adventures.
Jason was definitely a new adventure. We seemed to be the perfect couple, and we fell together easily. I thought it was his secret that was going to drive a wedge between us–I never expected it to be mine.

Fate has terrible timing. The instant I saw her, I knew Delia was mine– and I couldn’t have her. Still, being around her was amazing and I hoped that we could be together someday.
But there was someone who would go to any lengths to get rid of my mate. It would force me to make decisions that would change the course of our lives…

Exploring Alaska-front-A sm.jpg

Exploring Alaska


I needed the vacation to get away from the hell that was my life. Alaska was about as far away as I could get from Oklahoma and Africa. I felt safe, and meeting a really hot guy, with a crazy secret, was the adventure I needed.

What I didn’t need was him hiding a secret from me that would pull us a part and nearly break my will to keep going. Handsome, sweet, intelligent–and a liar.


I was jealous of my brother finding his mate… for about two hours before mine walked into my life. Addi was perfect and amazing, and had her life under control despite her terrible past.

But when something I’d hidden for years comes rushing back, I was sure she I’d lost her. There was no saving what we had. But there was someone out there who wanted to hurt her and her friends, and no matter what, no one was going to hurt Addi.

Wild coyotes couldn’t tear us apart, but my one lie threatens to destroy my world…

Uncovering ebook sm.jpg

Uncovering Alaska

The cabin and the land was finally mine. I worked my butt off for it, and I was ready for whatever was thrown my way.
What a crock.
I had no idea what was about to be toss on my lap: the cabin was a wreck, the land was under dispute, and everything was mess. My four best friends were there for me, but nothing–absolutely nothing–prepared me for the legacy that had been hidden from me.


I had crush on my bestie, a crush on the hot lumberjack guy, and there were coyotes attacking our vacation spot.
That was only the start.
There were things happening all around that we couldn’t control, and while my friends had good things happening to them, I was lost and disowned and confused. All I wanted was a summer with my friends, instead, I was tossed into a temptest of dark plots and magic.


Taku River and St. Terese offered me a chance to escape the heights of celebrity that was competitive lumberjacking–and the mess that was bear shifter pack politics in Quebec.
And good riddance.
But Alaska had other other surprises for me, in the form of a gorgeous blonde, and a stunning dark-skinned beauty. They were in all kinds of trouble, and they were all kinds of trouble. But when a dark history comes back to haunt them and their friends, there’s nothing I won’t do to see them all safe.

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