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McInnis Security


Years ago, Killian McInnis sent his little sister to Ireland to spare her the pain that was their father’s murder. But now, Bridget is all grown up, and coming home… She’s not the little girl that Kay remembers.



Even secret agents get fired.

Bridget McInnis never thought she would be dismissed. So when her boss at MI5 shows her the door, she’s left aimless, homeless and drifting–and suddenly winging back to Pittsburgh. A bored agent was a bad thing.

Her brother Killian asks his friends at Walsh-Tyndal if they have a job she can do while she figures herself out. She finds herself as a temp secretary for Vaughn Willard, a newly promoted manager–and a newly made widower.

Vaughn didn’t expect to be a widower. Finding a laundering scheme in the Walsh-Tyndale books was a fluke. The launderers didn’t see it that way and Vaughn’s wife paid with her life. He was trying to get his life back on a track and Bridget was there to help.

Especially when the bad guys come back to try and make sure Vaughn can’t testify against them.

Everything Bridget learned from her agent days comes rushing back when Vaughn’s life is threatened. They have to run, and with Vaughn’s son in tow, they make their way through Midwest, trying to figure out to keep themselves safe, how to bring the launderers to justice– and how to deal with the dangerous attraction they feel for each other.

Readers: McInnis Security will be publishing sporadically. I don’t have a set schedule for these stories, but they will all be standalones–so I won’t leave you hanging. There maybe other authors who are writing in the series, so keep an eye out for them as well! 

Authors: Are you interested in writing in the McInnis Security Series? I’m more than happy to you welcome you to the family. Please email me at Katherine Rhodes for more information.

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