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Mistress Faye welcomes you to The Vault– an exclusive BDSM hotel in Pittsburgh. All manner of travelers are welcome. Remember, what goes bump in the night is one of the luckiest guests…

Innuendo | Double Entendre | The Darkest Corners | Anything For Her

 Teach Me to Sin | The Sweetest Pain | Come Fly With Me



A pink thong.
After robbing me blind–and naked–that’s all the sub left me. Not even my socks. Just her pink thong. Just because I’m a Dom doesn’t mean I enjoy all kinks–and humiliation was low on my list. I started to think that maybe it was time to retire from my position as Prime Dom at Club Imperial. Then again, was I really ready to start suffering through vanilla sex?
Maybe not yet.
Of course, there was also Nicci. The adorable, sweet bartender at Club Imperial everyone called Whiskey. Always dating a new loser, I wished she was a little older, and a little kinkier. Neither stopped me from being her friend–but I won’t lie and say I didn’t wish it was more.

I found myself looking into Crazy Cat Lady starter packages.
Well, there was nothing wrong with cats. I rather liked them. It was the men, the males, I had been dating that were the problem. Dating, loosely. One date and all of their flaws and lies on the dating site were revealed. I was getting tired of it. I had some serious classes coming up and maybe it was time for me to just wait it out. Then again, was I ready for celibacy?
Maybe not yet.
Then there’s Darcy–Dr. Peter Billings, psychiatrist, Dom, philanthropist and sex god. He was flat out kinky though and while I was willing to be wild, I wasn’t into submission. It didn’t stop me from being his friend–but I won’t lie and say I didn’t wish it was more.

Innuendo is the beginning of the Club Imperial: City of Steel series.

Double Entendre

Double Entendre

Matters of the heart don’t care about rules.

Detective Simon Garabaldi’s simple belief that everyone deserved justice had endeared him to kinky underground community of Pittsburgh. He was the one they trusted with their entanglements with the law, and he made friends with the people who played in the dark.

His life, though, seemed a more a mess than anything he’d witnessed at the club. With his wife asking for a separation, he felt lost and confused.

Vanessa Carmody–Vanity to her friends and clients–was a hard masochist. She adored pain, and knew the rules at Club Imperial didn’t even allow her favorite toys on premises. She was one of the best switches at Club Imperial, but her desires were rarely completely satisfied.

When Vanity and Simon collide, they find everything they want between them.

Or, so they thought. When a complication finds it’s way between them, they’ll have to figure out what they really want out of life, and out of each other… before it’s too late.


Returning to eBook Soon

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The Club is moving to Pittsburgh! These books will all be returning to ebook as they are rewritten and moved into the world of Club Imperial. 

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